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If you wander the backcountry of the Pacific North West between April and June, you may chance upon wild raspberry canes covered in juicy, tart Cascadia raspberries. Infused into our white balsamic, the flavour is as untamed and inspiring as the West Coast wilderness.

Salads: fruit salad, wilted spinach, butter lettuce with mango, spinach with feta, spinach with goat cheese.

Beverages: add to sparkling water, dry sparkling wine, or make a mixed cocktail with vodka and pear juice.

Mains: Combine with a spicy or garlic oil for a chicken marinade; Blend with a citrus oil for a salmon glaze.

Pairings: Lemon, Blood Orange, Persian Lime, Basil Olive Oil, Milanese Gremolata, Harissa, Garlic, Baklouti Green Chili or Herbes De Provence Olive Oils.

Cascadian Wild Raspberry White Balsamic Recipes

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